Anons Gone Wild in the Texas Hill Country

I believe the time of being anonymous is over. We need to meet and become friends with others that live close by. All of us at some point have felt isolated and alone, this is just part of the job. Although we are unable to discuss with most of our friends or family, that doesn’t mean we can’t amongst each other. This is an opportunity to finally meet the like-minded individuals we have become online friends with over the years.

The amount of work we have done, the effort we have put forth and the sacrifices we have made has earned all of us much needed, relaxing weekend. This is an open invite to anyone that wants to join us on Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill Country.

A group of us have rented a house for the weekend. @paulmuaddib61, @jami_denice, @lesadcc, @Merkaba369 & @q-patchouli. We will be checking in on Thursday June 18th and leaving on Sunday June 21st. During the day we will be floating down the Comal River and everyone is welcome back to our house in the evenings. You will need to find accommodations for your stay. A map of hotels that are close by is provided below.

Canyon Lake House

This is the approximate location for we are staying. The actual address will be given in private. The house overlooks Canyon Lake and is about 15 miles away from where we will be floating on the Comal River.

Comal River Float

On Friday June 19th and Saturday June 20th we will be floating down the Comal River. If you have never done this before or think it sounds strange, I promise it is a blast!! It’s take about four hours to reach the exit point of the river. There will be shuttle buses waiting to take us back to the ticket office. Please read below the list of necessary items to bring, instructions of the meet-up and a general list of do’s and don’ts.

Meet & Greet

On Friday, we will have an intro/meet & greet an hour before we float. We want everyone to have a chance to introduce themselves as a group. We will meet at the Southeast corner of the parking lot for the New Braunfels City Hall at 11:00 am.   

The southeast corner of the parking lot is behind McBee’s BBQ. We will determine the carpool/parking situation once we all have arrived.

Float Tickets and River Entrance

After the meet up at City Hall, we will be going to Landa River Trips Tube Rental office. We can find parking spaces on Friday, but Saturday will be more difficult. We can discuss pick-ups or carpools the night before at the lake house. On Saturday we will again meet in the parking lot of City Hall at 11:00 am for a chance to meet anyone new to the group before floating the river.

You DO NOT want to float on the rental tubes. Texas in mid-June is going to be near 100 degrees. Those rental tubes are black and get really hot!! There is relief from the heat though because the Comal is around 70 degrees. The best thing to do is buy your own tube (which will cost about $10 more than the rental) then just pay the float and fill up fee. Do not wait until you get to New Braunfels buy one! They will be sold out in every store from San Antonio to Austin. This is the best one to buy.

Do’s and Don’ts

Please Read – It is important for everyone to have a great time and a stress free weekend. This will help you plan, pack and enjoy a relaxing time at the river.


Invite other close anon friends you know and trust. We want this to be a big group turn out so people in other states might follow suit.

Buy your own inner tube before you leave. They won’t be available when you get to New Braunfels.

If you are a smoker bring extra lighters, extra cigarettes (one pack will get wet no matter how hard you try) and waterproof container. Double bagging ziplocks won’t cut it. A hard lock container is best.

Pay Close Attention the Specifics And Follow the Rules


Invite someone you hardly know. We all have similar beliefs, values and personalities. A bad egg in the bunch could ruin the whole group dynamic.

Bring anyone under 21. There are police officers that monitor the river as you are floating. You won’t see them but trust me, they see you. Bringing a minor could get someone in trouble. So the kids same home, this is adult time.

Wear expensive sunglasses while floating the river. At least one person loses their glasses every time I have floated the river. If it lands on you, then let it be the $10 Walgreens glasses.

Underestimate the Texas sun if you are not familiar with our summers.

Hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are all available to help you make it down here to join.

Miss out on these cheap flights that are currently available. You can find round trip tickets for around $200 right now.

DON’T miss out on a great time and a chance to meet new people that could possibly become lifelong friends. We hope to see you all there.