Disinformation: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage, Steven Jones and others at the top of this organization have been pulling this scam since 2004. This is a planned opposition group created by the same people responsible for 9/11. After people start losing interest because nothing is being accomplished, they simply change the name and come back with another round of fraud. This is to stir up a new wave of emotions from those that have been red-pilled to the lies of the jet fuel.

Steven Jones of A&E 911Truth was one of the leading developers of the 4th Generation Nuclear Weapon that destroyed the towers.

Steven Jones used that government plant “hero” William Rodriguez in the paper below. The whole thing was methodically planned, down to the exact words. Here is how their disinformation tactics work.

William Rodriguez, if you thought the Las Vegas security guards story wasn’t believable, read this! Not one word of this is true but he really cashed in by playing this role..

This ridiculous narrative reads like something straight out of Greek Mythology.


Controlled Demolition is the Psyop term created by the Deptartment of Defense and led by Richard Gage. His partner Barbara Honegger who is apart of Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, works for Department of Defense, the CIA and was a part of the MK Ultra Program at Stanford University.

Here are more Psyop “buzz words”

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