Due to the amount of information that is on this site, I think it’s best to begin with an outline of what happened. This way it’s your choice on whether or not to continue. Several new weapons were used on 9/11. The initial attack on the North Tower was a Raytheon built AGM 154 glide missile. The next attack on the South Tower was remotely piloted Boeing military aircraft with a hidden Boeing Defense and Space Group (Lockheed Martin) built AGM-86 missile. Both of these were designed and marketed as bunker busters for destroying chemical weapons, later to be used for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An airborne mounted High Energy Laser Weapon System was used to heat the portions of the towers that were damaged by the previous explosions. The reason for this will be explained below. Finally, the real reason behind 9/11 and the true weapon being displayed was a 4th Generation Nuclear Weapon, which was what ultimately brought down WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7.

This was a world debut into the 4th Generation Nuclear Age of Weapons and Energy, in which the technological breakthrough of fast ignition fusion was finally achieved. The race for this technology began in the 1960’s and 9/11 was a display of who won the race. Inertial and Magnetic Confinement Fusion will be the bedrock of all the future energy produced throughout the world.

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